Saturday, October 13, 2018

Gunsmoke Update

I will be adding the new first generation episodes of Gunsmoke to our Wild West OTR Channel on Sunday. These are original copies made from the master copies out in CA. You will notice the difference in quality of sound. I will be updating about 200 episodes and the rest I will update this week for a total of about 500 episodes. I'm so glad I will able to come across these gems.

The series will begin from the beginning with episode 1 etc... 

1 comment:

  1. It is my understanding that there are five or so missing episodes of Gunsmoke, and an additional episode for which there is only about 7-8 minutes available:

    05/03/1952 Ben Thompson (only 7-8 min)
    05/17/1952 Dodge City Killer
    06/14/1952 Jailbate Janet
    06/21/1952 Heat Spell
    06/28/1952 The Ride Back
    06/19/1960 Homely Girl

    Have you had any luck tracking down the missing episodes? Thanks.


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