Sunday, November 25, 2018

My Favorite Husband

MY FAVORITE HUSBAND, situation comedy. BROADCAST HISTORY: July 23, 1948–March 31, 1951, CBS. 30m, initially Fridays at 9; frequent time changes, with Fridays at 8:30 (1949–50) its most sustained timeslot. General Foods. CAST: Lucille Ball and Richard Denning as Liz and George Cooper, “two people who live together and like it.” (Lee Bowman as George in the premiere episode only.) Gale Gordon as George’s boss, the short-tempered banker, Rudolph Atterbury. Bea Benaderet as Iris, Atturbury’s wife. Ruth Perrott as Katie, the Coopers’ maid. PRODUCER: Jess Oppenheimer. WRITERS: Bob Carroll Jr. and Madelyn Pugh. My Favorite Husband was based on the novel Mr. and Mrs. Cugat, by Isabel Scott Rorick. The Cugats became the Coopers (the name sounding much less ethnic), and they lived “in a little white two-story house” at 321 Bundy Lane, “in the bustling little suburb of Sheridan Falls.” Lucille Ball was a zany housewife; Richard Denning was a typical addled radio husband—sometimes forgetful, sometimes lovable, always stereotypically male. There were many male-vs. female plots, with George and his boss, Atterbury, against their wives. The best-remembered line on the show was Atterbury’s catchphrase, “Ah, Liz-girl, George-boy.”

You can listen to the show on our A.M. America OTR Comedy Channel. Click Link Below:

Dunning, John. On the Air: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio (p. 472). Oxford University Press. 

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