Sunday, November 25, 2018

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes; Petri Wine sponsored in this timeslot for a full season when Holmes did not return; subsequently, Tuesday, Monday, Saturday, and Sunday timeslots. Jan. 25–Aug. 31, 1950, ABC. 30m, Wednesdays at 8:30; Tuesdays at 8 beginning in May. Also, two shows, Oct. 3, 10, 1951. CAST: Gale Gordon as Gregory Hood, a San Francisco importer and amateur detective. George Petrie also as Hood, early in the run. Elliott Lewis as Hood as of March 1, 1948. Jackson Beck as Hood, ca. 1949. Also, Paul McGrath and Martin Gabel as Hood. Bill Johnstone initially as Hood’s sidekick Sanderson “Sandy” Taylor. Howard McNear as Sandy as of March 1, 1948. DIRECTORS: Ned Tollinger, Frank Cooper, Lee Bolen, etc. WRITERS: Anthony Boucher and Denis Green; Ray Buffum. SOUND EFFECTS: Art Sorrance. The Casebook of Gregory Hood was in some ways an extension of Sherlock Holmes. Basil Rathbone had left his Holmes role, but the Holmes scripters, Anthony Boucher and Denis Green, continued their collaboration on Hood. It was a long-distance partnership, Green living in Los Angeles and Boucher in San Francisco. Boucher, a Conan Doyle devotee, had worked out the Holmes plots, while Green, less enraptured by “the master,” had dialogued Boucher’s plots from a detached perspective. It was Boucher and Green who suggested Gregory Hood as the replacement series when Rathbone left Holmes in 1946. Richard Gump, a real-life San Francisco importer, became the prototype for Gregory Hood, serving also as a consultant “whenever they get stuck on a bit of importing business.” The artifacts found by Hood and his pal Sandy in the stories usually had intriguing histories and were invariably linked to some present-day mystery.

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